Kevin O’Brien, PhD

Kevin O'BrienProfessor

office: ECHI 2211
phone: 252-744-6048

Kevin O’Brien comes from South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Upon earning a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he joined the Program for Biostatistics and Epidemiology Research in the School of Allied Health and Social Professions, East Carolina University. Served as program director, participated in the establishment of the Department of Biostatistics, chaired that department, and served as Associate Dean for the College of Allied Health Sciences. His interests are in the applications of statistics in the biological and health sciences These applications have focused on health and living conditions of those with developmental disabilities, the measurement and prevention of radio-sensitivity; metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes; and development of predictive models for falls using somatosensory measurements.


  • BA Psychology/Mathematics, University of Rhode Island
  • MA Demography/Sociology, Georgetown University
  • PhD Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests

  • Applying and teaching Statistical Applications
  • Categorical Data
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • Life Tables
  • Time to Event Analysis

Courses Taught

  • BIOS 1500 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • BIOS 7021 Biostatistics for Health Professionals I
  • BIOS 7022 Biostatistics for Health Professionals II
  • BIOS 7550 Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • BIOS 7560 Nonparametric Statistical Methods
  • BIOS 7570 Introduction to Survival Analysis
  • HPRO 4350 Research Design
  • HPRO 5000 Introduction to Epidemiology

    Dr. Kevin O’Brien Curriculum Vitae (PDF)