In-Person Learning Experience

Beginning Fall 2024 we anticipate launching a designated in-person learning experience for full-time students living in Greenville, NC. This hybrid learning experience will allow students to take nearly all of the MPH core courses (about 30% of the program coursework) together as one group during the first year of the MPH program. The remaining coursework will be completed on-line with other distance education (DE) students.


The purpose of the in-person learning experience is to meet the needs of students preferring in-person instruction, to promote networking with classmates and faculty, and encourage interaction outside of the classroom (study groups, service projects, social activities). Course offerings are the same as the on-line sections. However, students will benefit from real-time discussion and other professional development opportunities.

In-person learning experience course plan

The only difference between DE and the in-person learning experience is that course plans are aligned to allow in-person students from different concentrations to take the core MPH courses together, to develop a learning community and foster inter-professional learning, networking, and collaborating.

The following core MPH courses will be taken together in-person by students in the in-person learning experience:

  • MPH 6000 (Public Health Practice)
  • MPH 6002 (Ethics & Law in Public Health)
  • MPH 6011 (Introduction to Epidemiology)
  • MPH 6013 (Principles of Health Behavior)
  • MPH 6035 (Interdisciplinary Public Health)
  • BIOS 7021 (Biostatistics for Health Professionals I)

All other MPH course will be taken in an on-line format with other DE students. For a detailed look at the in-person learning experience course plan, including which courses are offered in-person, click here. Detailed course descriptions can be found in the MPH Program Manual.

Application and enrollment

Students who are interested in the in-person learning experience will submit the standard ECU MPH program application, which does not distinguish between DE and the in-person option. However, upon submission of the application, interested students should contact Rhonda Onorato ( to indicate their interest in the in-person learning experience. As students are accepted to the ECU MPH program, program advisors will also reach out individually to inquire about interest in the in-person learning experience.

A minimum of 10 students (regardless of concentration) is needed to implement the in-person experience in Fall 2023. If fewer than 10 students enroll, they will be changed over to the on-line section of the courses along with other DE students. Recognizing that students are often deciding between different MPH programs and the need to relocate for their MPH program, we anticipate making a final commitment to offering the in-person option by May 15, 2023.

Tuition and fees

The ECU MPH program is designated as a DE program for tuition and fee purposes. Tuition for the in-person courses is the same as for on-line courses. However, students may be subject to additional on-campus fees if they are taking more than one in-person course per semester. Information on tuition and fees for the MPH program can be found here.

Who to contact

Any questions about the in-person learning experience and/or to indicate your interest in participating in the in-person learning experience, please contact Dr. Aaron Kipp (