Careers in Public Health

This MPH is a general degree, providing entry-level credentials and basic training for management and leadership positions in public health and the health care fields, one of the fastest growing fields of employment in the nation. The principal focus of the MPH at ECU will be on training a workforce for local and state public health agencies, hospitals and other health and human service providers in North Carolina.

Careers in public health have traditionally included:

  • physicians
  • epidemiologists
  • public health nurses
  • disease investigators
  • laboratory specialists, and
  • sanitarians

These important careers are the backbone of the profession but there are many other careers in fields related to public health.

Other examples are:

  • health educators
  • nutritionists and dietitians
  • injury control and prevention specialists
  • infection control specialists
  • radiation control technicians
  • dentists
  • dental hygienists
  • veterinarians
  • nurse practitioners
  • nurse midwives
  • pharmacists
  • occupational health and safety specialists
  • social workers
  • family planning and reproduction health specialists
  • mental health and substance abuse counselors
  • gerontologists and aging services specialists
  • vision care specialists
  • environmental health specialists
  • industrial hygienists
  • laboratory technicians
  • genetic counselors
  • emergency management specialists
  • disaster managers
  • health planners
  • public information and media specialists
  • legislative policy analysts
  • health department directors
  • business managers and management support staffs
  • hospital administrators
  • corporate medical directors
  • biostatisticians
  • vital statistic registrars
  • information technology specialists, and
  • researchers in many other health disciplines

People in each of these careers may have an MPH degree.