Professional Paper

A professional paper is required of all MPH students and serves as a capstone and integrative learning experience (ILE) in which students demonstrate synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies by developing a well-written manuscript.  For the professional paper, a student will typically propose a research project, implement it, write a paper, and then present their professional paper project in poster format. Students should develop their professional paper projects and final papers in ways that are useful to external stakeholders, such as non-profit or governmental organizations.

The professional paper consists of two linked courses: MPH 6991 and MPH 6992 which are usually taken during a student’s final two semesters in the program.  Students typically complete most of the core courses prior to enrolling in MPH 6991 and all the core courses before enrolling in MPH 6992.


Pro Paper Guidelines

Orientation for MPH 6991 Students Professional Paper

Orientation for MPH 6991 is available online and consists of three recorded lectures. All MPH 6991 students are required to view all of these within the first three weeks of the semester.

Audio Lectures

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Resources for Students and Faculty

Professional Paper Presentation

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Professional Paper Rubric

Four learning objectives for assessment of the  MPH Program by ECU Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research (IPAR) are based on the professional paper.  Professional paper primary professors complete this rubric for each student upon completion of MPH 6992.

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