Curriculum – Epidemiology Concentration

The following presents concentration-specific courses and optional electives required to complete the Epidemiology Concentration.

EpidemiologyBIOS 7022 Biostatistics for Health Professionals II
P: BIOS 7021 with a grade of B or better or consent of instructor. Continuation of BIOS 7021. Topics include ANOVA for multi-factor designs and analysis of single degree of freedom contrasts; randomized block and repeated measures designs; nonparametric methods for standard designs; multiple linear and logistic regression; and chi-square analysis of contingency tables.
MPH 7202 Introduction to Public Health Data Analysis
P: BIOS 7021; MPH 6011. Basic instruction in public health data analysis using core features of SAS Software.
Concentration Courses MPH 6021 Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
P: MPH 6011; or consent of instructor. Epidemiologic measures, statistical methods, and quantitative models specific to chronic disease epidemiology.
MPH 6022 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
P: MPH 6011; or consent of instructor. Provides concepts involved in understanding causes, transmission, and control of infectious disease as well as policies, methods, and tools employed in surveillance, detection, investigation, control, and prevention of disease outbreaks.
Popular ElectivesMPH 6007 Global Public Health: A Global Perspective
Explores the issues related to the fields of medical anthropology and public health leading toward developing global health interventions.
MPH 7200 Principles of Public Health Surveillance
P: BIOS 7021, MPH 6011; or consent of instructor.  Public health surveillance as a fundamental epidemiologic activity applied to infectious and non-infectious conditions affecting human populations.
HIMA 6060 Health Informatics
P: Consent of instructor. Theoretical and practical foundations of health informatics for clinical, managerial, community health, and public health services.