Call for Proposals for the 17th Annual Jean Mills Health Symposium

Call for Proposals for the 

17th Annual Jean Mills Health Symposium

2022 Meeting Theme:

The impact of race and racial disparities on the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of minoritized people of eastern North Carolina

The Jean Mills Symposium Spring 2022 will be held from 9am to 12 noon on Friday, April 8th, at the East Carolina Heart Institute on the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. The program committee is soliciting proposals from researchers, educators, community groups and individuals working to address the physical, mental and social health needs of minoritized people in eastern North Carolina and the rural south. Podium presentations (45 minutes), brief talks (20 minutes), poster presentations (90 minutes) and table talks (90 minutes to share your health and wellness focus with the community) on themes that address the following are most welcome. What is the impact of race and racism on the health of minoritized communities? What effective wellness and adaptive coping options are available to communities of color to overcome the impacts of racism on the social determinants of health? What are effective methods to share joy and healing in communities of color? What are daily practices that enhance overall well-being for minoritized people?

The abstract (a summary of your poster presentation) is limited to 250 words and should provide a succinct and self-contained description of your proposed poster presentation. Submissions will be evaluated based on the applicability to the goals of the Symposium. The submission should be double-spaced. Add a blank line space between each section.

Please include the following sections.

The title of the proposed poster followed by the name, affiliation, phone, and email address of each author (format this information in any reasonable way).  Designate the primary author/speaker.

Abstract (max. 250 words)

Content: This is typically the largest section of the abstract and describes the expected content of the poster.  This section should identify the problem addressed, the approach taken, and (when possible) the results.

Significance and Relevance of the Topic: Use this short section to explain why your topic is significant in addressing the need for health care providers to better reflect the diversity of the communities they serve and effective ways to meet that need. If relevant, include information about trends that relate to the topic and describe (or cite) supporting evidence if it is available.

Relationship to Symposium Goals and Theme: Use this section to indicate the symposium goal(s) you will address.

Attach your submission to an email and send to Jean Mills Symposium ( by 5:00 PM Friday, February 18th.

Information about final poster preparation will be provided to authors of proposals when notified of acceptance. All primary authors/presentations  will be notified of the status of their proposal by March 1, 2022